Susanne was born on the 18th of July 1984 in Rotterdam and was raised at the waterfront of Hellevoetsluis. She grew up travelling and sailing and at 13 years of age she sailed with her parents half-way around the world for 12 months. She was home-schooled onboard and always had an enormous curiosity for other people, cultures and countries that has never left.

With her high school diploma and five years of 'Youth Theater Hofplein' Susanne then graduated at the 'University of International Studies' as a Bachelor in Business Administration. During the year of her graduation she played the part of 'Evelien Keizer' in the soap series 'Onderweg naar Morgen'. After graduations she went on to live and work in Valencia, Antigua, Amsterdam and Mallorca.

Soon after appearing in a show for BNN, Susanne became the main host of a series called 'Wannahaves' (RTL7). She then traveled around the world to experience the coolest gadgets, trends, lifestyles, inspiring people and events.

Recently Susanne played the main part in the well known 'Andrelon Perfect Curl' Commercial and presented several TV shows such as 'Mediazine' (RTL7), 'Nederland Vaart' (RTL7) and 'LXRY TV' (RTL7).

In addition to presenting, Susanne also produces films and documentaries about large yachts together with Jasper Faber of which many have already been broadcasted on CNN and SBS6. She also helps manage two super yachts on Mallorca together with her fiancé Mark.

From the 23rd of March, Susanne will be presenting the outdoor sports & travel show 'RTL Just Away' on RTL 4 at 16:00.